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Urban Mo's vandal stands before judge

Urban Mo's Bar and Grill in Hillcrest
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CBS 8 is reporting today that one of the women involved with the vandalization of Urban Mo’s in Hillcrest last month stood in front of a judge on Thursday.

Police reports say that Raquel Bonilla, 22, was identified as one of the women who threw rocks at the bar and grill in the early morning hours of August 8, 2016.

Allegedly Bonilla was one of two women who were being disruptive inside the restaurant earlier that evening and had been asked to leave. 

They allegedly returned after closing to hurl rocks through the windows.

Surveillance cameras, both inside and outside of the property, recorded the entire incident. 

Chris Shaw, the owner of Urban Mo’s says he hopes Bonilla is held accountable, but he doesn’t want her to go to jail.

Bonilla plead not guilty to felony vandalism charges and denies all allegations against her according to CBS 8.

A conviction would mean a year-and-half to three-year sentence.

"That is awfully a harsh thing. I would hate to see anybody have to go to jail but maybe some good community service," said Shaw.

Damage to the custom front door where one of the rocks penetrated is $1,200.

Shaw said he expected at least a call from Bonilla to apologize for her behavior, but has yet to hear from her.

She is out on bail and is ordered to not go near Mo’s or any of its staff.

The next stop for Bonilla will be Las Colinas Detention Center where she will be booked and released.

"This is our community center. It's not just a bar and restaurant,” said Shaw about Mo's. “It's a community center where we all come to enjoy, and want to know that, we can come here and be safe.”

The other suspect has not yet been identified, police say.  

Bonilla however, will re-appear in court next month.

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