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Kim Davis' hometown celebrates Pride for the first time

A drag queen in Morehead Ky., Kim Davis' hometown, represents her with moxie by proxy.
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MOREHEAD, Ky., - Kim Davis is in the news again, but this time it’s not about refusing marriage licenses to LGBT couples, it’s because her hometown of Morehead Kentucky had their first-ever Pride celebration last weekend, something the clerk did not attend, but was there in spirit.

You may remember the contrived Davis when she made headlines after refusing to follow the Supreme Court’s positive same-sex marriage ruling in 2015, citing her religious beliefs as a cause to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

That action led to her serving five days behind bars, and gaining a number of fair-weather reactionary friends who used Davis as their mascot until her usefulness to them was done.

However, that pall didn’t stop the LGBT community in her hometown from celebrating their Pride last weekend.

Event organizer David Moore gave an interview to Vice and said, even though there was controversy surrounding their most famous former resident, it helped those still living there generate discussions about how they felt on the issue of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

He told the publication that before Davis became a household name, the people of Morehead either didn’t say anything or weren’t sure on which side of the issue they fell.

But Davis’ publicity was wake-up call they needed to finally make a choice either for or against LGBT issues.

Although Davis was not at the festival, a drag queen stepped in and took her place, Moore said, “I think it was probably the first time people had seen a drag show in their life.”

It was a small affair according to Vice, about 50 vendors and non-profits set up booths at the celebration.

Moore told Vice that he was busy trying to promote the event to vendors and allies for the past few months.

 He also filed papers to incorporate Morehead Pride as a nonprofit for the LGBT community.

 Morehead’s tourism board was in full support of the celebration, where attendees were entertained by drag queens and addressed by LGBT advocates and activists.

*first photograph in side bar courtesy of kentucky.com , second and third photo; The Advocate.