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Las Vegas man charged, threatening to kill, 'gays...lesbians and satanists' on YouTube

Bryce Cuellar arrested for making terrorist threats in Las Vegas.
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A Las Vegas man who made a YouTube video saying he wanted to kill people in the LGBT community has been indicted for making terrorist threats.

According to KTNV, Las Vegas police were notified on July 2, by Interpol by way of Google about the man after seeing his video.

Google has since removed the video, but provided a copy for detectives to watch in their investigation.

According to reports, the man in the video, Bryce Cuellar, is wearing a military-type flak vest, and night vision goggles, while holding up two assault rifles. 

Cuellar says in the video that he,“is going to kill people and he cannot wait to use the rifle in a manner in which the founding fathers intended.”

According to the report he says he is a Christian warrior and the primary targets were, “gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists.”

Further Cuellar said that he is tired of America and the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights, He said he would be killing soon.

The KTNV report claims that police checked his Facebook page and found posts about the Orlando shooting and writings focusing on anti-government, sovereign citizen and militia-type ideologies.

According to police, Cuellar has become more radical in his beliefs over the last several years.

Authorities also say that shortly after he posted the video he assaulted his wife, physically attacking her and making her fall. He then jumped on her, choked her, threatening her life.

Cuellar said in a police interview that he made the video while he was angry and drunk.

He also insists that making it was a mistake, and he is not a murderer.

 Las Vegas police interviewed Cuellar’s wife, but she did not offer up any pertinent information.

Because of the nature of the video, Cuellar has been charged with making terrorist threats. He was placed on a mental health hold at the Clark County Detention Center, where bail was set at $100,000.

He will appear before a judge on Sept. 1.