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Trans woman found dead under hotel bed after four days

Transgender woman Amphon Kongsong found dead after four days under hotel bed.
Photo credit:
Pink News

Like a scene out of a horror movie, two guests staying at the Soi Buakhao hotel in Pattaya Thailand complained of a strange smell coming from their room.

After asking the hotel to investigate the odor, a maid discovered blood coming from underneath the bed.

Further investigation found that 28-year-old transgender woman Amphon Kongsong had been killed, then placed inside the bedframe four days prior.

Police Chief Aprichai Kroppet told reporters that two teenage boys admitted to killing Konsong after she made sexual advances toward them.

According to Pink News, the victim checked into the hotel on August 16, and spent several days with the boys.

The older teenage boy told police that he met Kongsong on Facebook and agreed to meet her at the hotel.

He continues to say that a fight broke out in the room after the victim made sexual advances and in a “fit of rage” he strangled her while the other boy held down her legs.

Chief Kropphet said the boys will be charged with murder and concealing the body.