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Hillcrest homeless security team a success says HBA

Security patrol removes the from Hillcrest day and night.
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The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) released their online newsletter today, and in it they discuss the recent increase in security by Citywide Security Services.

The service helps control the burgeoning homeless population in San Diego's Hillcrest area.

Some HBA members have complained that the transient population is becoming a huge problem, driving customers away. 

Their primary concerns are public health, saying they arrive at their stores in the morning, but before they can open they must ask transients to leave, throw away litter, and in some cases clean up human waste.

The HBA says the recent increase in their security budget has allowed them to invest more money into the City-supported patrol team, which relocates the homeless to outside the neighborhood. 

They also say the program has so far been well-received by business owners and offered some of the feedback people have sent in support of the plan.

Thank you for the additional security you've added in Hillcrest. I have heard from several of our tenants who feel they have already seen a reduction in the number of homeless."  ~ Laura

"I appreciate the committee's efforts in dealing with the exploding homeless population that is affecting mine and other surrounding businesses and properties throughout Hillcrest." ~ CW

"You were the first person we have talked with, that actually took the time to discuss our concerns and to take action to help us out."  ~ Linda 

The daytime patrol is available seven days a week between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm.

Nightime officers canvass the area between 6 pm and 6 am.

The HBA says that business owners can inform the security team of a particular area and they will add it to the “nuisance area list” which they will pay attention to each night. 

They would also like to remind people that if they feel threatened or see a crime in progress, they should Immediately call  911. 

To have your location added to the patrol list call the HBA at 619-299-3330.

For more information about the security program and how to get your business involved with the program click HERE