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Coronado City Council candidate thinks bridge tube would increase homeless population

Coronado City Council candidate Ron Hauser
Photo credit:
The Coronado Times

Coronado City Council candidate Ron Hauser loves his community and doesn’t want anything jeopardizing the public landscape, primarily the immigration of homeless people.

Hauser is referring to a proposal to construct a pedestrian and bicycle tube underneath the Coronado bridge which would connect the island with downtown.

According to The Coronado Times, in 2003, forward thinking architect Lew Dominy created a plan to construct such a tube, and its approval could happen within the next few weeks.

Hauser thinks that while certain people would enjoy the addition, his fear lies with others coming to the island with ulterior motives. 

“I am specifically worried about the transients and homeless," Hauser says in the article, "drug users and alcoholics would probably be a part of this group.”

He says that, currently there are 12 documented homeless people living in Coronado. 

Hauser is a former member of the San Diego Sherriff’s Department, and is afraid that allowing the homeless direct access to Coronado would bring a bevy of civic troubles.

“I don’t want Coronado to be a camp site for the homeless where they can beg, become a public nuisance and receive public services,” he said. 

He also doesn’t want his community to become a destination for transients in what he calls an “epidemic: petty theft, aggressive behavior with residents.”

The City has allotted $75,000 for a feasibility study to further explore the idea of a crossing. Those results should be complete within the coming weeks.

But Hauser is firm in his opposition to the project, saying he doesn’t want tax dollars being spent on providing services for what could result in a growing homeless population on Coronado.

According to The Coronado Times article, Hauser is making a call to action against the idea of a tube, saying if nobody speaks up it might just get pushed through.