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Urban Mo's employee helps identify the Urban Mo's vandals

Drew Cumbey helps pinpoint the Urban Mo's vandals.
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CBS 8 News San Diego

The intrepidness of Urban Mo’s employee Drew Cumbey paid off when he spent hours looking over surveillance footage trying to get clues to the identities of two women who vandalized the bar and grill last Monday morning.

The women were disgruntled because they were asked to leave for being disruptive inside the bar on Sunday night.

The two returned after hours and threw rocks at the popular establishment, shattering one of the windows.

Cumbey took to task the extensive amount of security footage in order to pinpoint the suspects, including when they closed their bar tab and which bartender served them.

Based on this info he was able to locate the receipts and therefore the names of the women. 

He received $1,000 for his 11-hours worth of effort.

His findings were handed over to the police, and they are currently investigating the incident.

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