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Straight reporter baits gay Rio athletes on Grindr, then 'outs' them

Daily Beast reporter 'outs' athletes with fake Grindr account
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A Daily Beast reporter was assigned the Olympics beat in Rio, but many are angry that he’s covering more than just the games, he’s outing some athletes who are using the hook-up app Grindr.

Nico Hines is the straight reporter in question and Queerty is reporting that the journalist created a fake profile on the app too bait gay Olympians into pinging him so he could write an investigative piece

The cyber-chumming worked and it didn’t take too long for men to start biting in what Hines calls, “a hotbed of partying athletes, hookups, and sex, sex, sex.”

Hines didn’t release any names but did give specific details such as their field of competition, stats and even their country of origin. 

SDGLN won’t reveal the direct quote from Hines' article (since removed), lest we inadvertently out an athlete who wishes to keep their sexuality private.

Public outcry was so heavy that the publication has since removed the athlete’s identifying information from Hines' article, and issued this partial apology:

“A number of readers complained to The Daily Beast after the publication of the original iteration of this story.

We take such complaints seriously because a central part of The Daily Beast’s mission is to fight for full equality and equal treatment for LGBT people around the world. Publishing an article that in any way could be seen as homophobic is contrary to our mission.

Some readers have read Nico as mocking or sex-shaming those on Grindr. We do not feel he did this in any way. However, The Daily Beast understands that others may have interpreted the piece differently.

Accordingly, we have made some editorial changes to the article, responding to readers’ concerns, and are again sorry for any upset the original version of this piece inspired.”

Some Journalists covering the  Rio games have been criticized lately for their lack of courtesy when reporting on LGBT athletes. 

Chris Marlow of NBC called volleyball player Larissa Franca's wife, her "husband" on live TV.

The same network has also failed to identify the partners of gay male athletes even though they extend that courtesy to straight competitors.