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Camera catches two women vandalizing Urban Mo's in Hillcrest

Surveillance video of two women throwing rocks at Urban Mo's in Hillcrest.
Photo credit:
Andersen Y. - Yelp

The police are looking for two ladies who allegedly smashed rocks through the popular restaurant and nightclub Urban Mo’s windows on Monday morning.

The vandals can be seen via the business security camera footage approaching the front of the building.

The video shows the two suspects picking up objects and hurling them through the glass.

Even shatterproof glass wasn’t enough to stop one projectile from smashing through the window and landing inside the establishment.

It happened early Monday morning at about 2:30 am owner Chris Shaw said.

Shaw told CBS 8 News that the two unidentified women were actually customers at the bar on Sunday night and got into an altercation with another group of guests and were escorted out by security.

A bartender was able to identify the women he believes are responsible for the crime by looking at footage from inside the bar that night and finding credit card receipts. 

There is a $1,000 reward offered by Mo's for any information in identifying the suspects. 

You can watch the CBS News 8 report with video of the incident HERE.