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Hillcrest community plans see public parks and higher buildings

Proposal for Hillcrest's core by Uptown Gateway Alliance.
Photo credit:
Uptown Gateway Council

North Park has seen some changes to its landscape in that past few years, developers are employing underused land with various infill projects, creating better common areas within the community.

One example is the Earnest Apartment project at 4201 30th Street.

Architect and Developer Mike Burnett designed the space to allow tenants better opportunities for community spirit and socialization.

With all of the positive changes happening in North Park, Some in Hillcrest are trying to re-design the neighborhood through the Uptown Gateway Alliance, an association of Hillcrest commercial property owners who wish to create a gateway district in the area of 5th and 6th Avenues between Washington and Upas.

These changes include a larger buildings and denser spaces. The idea being that vertical development would provide more areas on the ground devoted to parks, recreation and socialization. 

The associations latest proposal which can be seen in the photo to the left includes high rise buildings set in the neighborhood’s heart and a public park in the Rite Aid parking lot on Robinson and Fifth.

Critics say that by extending the height of new developments, it may take away the charm of the historic community and increase parking and traffic problems.