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Waiter allegedly gets anti-gay message on napkin instead of tip

Note left to gay waiter at Mexican Restaurant in Kansas City.
Photo credit:
Eddy Carbrera - Facebook

A Kansas City waiter was allegedly subject to a table of rowdy people on Saturday. The group was reported to be rude and left him no tip, but offered something else instead.

Eddy Carbrera was waiting tables at Chelly’s Café in Kansas City, he is also gay according to Gay Star News.

When the party of three finished their meals, they left Carbrera a napkin note written in ink saying, “Adam + Eve, Not Adam + Steve!”

Confused by the meaning of the statement the Guatemalan native sought the help of friend Jonathan Antle, who explained that it was an ant-gay saying.

Antle said once Carbrera understood what the message implied, he “almost started to cry.”  

Cabrera has received support from social media to which he responded, “‘Thank you to everyone. Today was one of those days when everything [seems to go wrong]. All I can say is God bless all of you.”

The woman whose credit card was used, but did not write the note reached out to Carbrera with an apology:

“I just truly apologize for the events that went into play today, from the bottom of my heart: I am sorry.

‘My daughter’s Godfather is a homosexual, I would always support the LGBT community ’til the day I die,’ she wrote in a social media direct message.

People from all over the world have contacted Carbrera in a show of support, "Love is love! And you are just as god intended. So much love from The  Virgin Islands!!!" wrote one follower. 

"Eddie [sic] I'm so sorry you went through this horrible experience," wrote another from Goulburn, New South Wales.