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Walking in Hillcrest will be a little bit smoother by mid-August

Strolling through Hillcrest will get a whole lot smoother.
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Hillcrest streets, sidewalks and driveways are getting some much needed attention this year.

Thanks to a partnership between the City of San Diego and the Uptown Community Parking District, eleven paved sites in Hillcrest will get repairs and upgrades to be completed by mid-August.

These renovations are thanks to parking meter funds being re-invested back into the community and the efforts of the parking district working with city traffic engineer Joe Jimenez.

“District staff worked alongside Joe and Elizabeth Studebaker, the City’s Neighborhood Investment Manager, and ensured the projects complied with Council Policy 100-18 which outlines how the parking district can spend funds,” said Elizabeth Hannon, COO of the parking district. “We are certain, that nearly every person that parks their car in Hillcrest also walks on our sidewalks.”

Hannon continues to say that The City didn’t always support the proposal to use parking funds to do the improvements, “but after the City completed its own city-wide sidewalk assessment, it was fairly easy to line up what was needed to make this project happen,” she said.

Hannon and Jimenez worked with the parking district and Councilmember Todd Gloria’s office to compare what improvements needed to be done with the City's own evalutation.   

Nearly $215,000 will be re-invested back into the neighborhood, giving Hillcrest fresh new walkways.

Gloria held a press conference today, thanking everyone who worked together to make the improvements happen.

“These sidewalk repairs are a great example of community organizations and the City working cooperatively to provide needed improvements for our neighborhoods,” Gloria said in a previous statement. “The Uptown Community Parking District worked tirelessly to allocate funding and prioritize needed repairs to Hillcrest’s sidewalks. I thank them for collaborating with City staff and the Hillcrest Business Association to get this project done.”