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Cleveland trans woman, Skye Mockabee, found murdered in parking lot

trans woman Skye Mockabee of Cleveland found murdered in parking lot.
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The growing epidemic of trans murders in America took its 17th  victim last weekend.   

Skye Mockabee, 26, was found unresponsive in a Cleveland Ohio parking lot on Saturday at about 8 am, where she was pronounced dead at the scene, police say.

Her death is speculated to be the result of head trauma.

Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia of the Cleveland Police Department said the motive behind her death has yet to be determined.

However Mockabee’s family thinks that the murder is a result of her being transgender, “Whoever did this was not comfortable with my baby being the way that (she) was," Phyllis Carlock, the victim’s mother said. "They couldn't accept it."

Carlock told cleveland.com that her daughter got into a van with a man she met online just after midnight Friday morning. She texted her mother, saying that she appreciated her, but never returned home.

Mockabee’s live-in boyfriend William Philpot corroborates the mother's story saying she told him about the meeting as well. At about 12:20 am Friday morning, the unidentified man showed up in a silver minivan and the two drove off.

Philpot says he texted her at about thirty minutes later to make sure she was alright, to which he received a text back from Mockabee, saying, “Yes, baby.”

Philpot says he kept texting her up until 3 am, but received no response.

Her mother did receive another text from Mockabee at 3:45 am with an ominous message expressing gratitude toward her, saying they would always be together.

Still concerned, Carlock kept phoning Mockabee after she received the text, but she never answered, instead the calls went directly to voice mail.

On Saturday morning, a local business owner found Mockabee's lifeless body lying face-down with blood coming from her mouth in a parking lot. 

Last year, trans murder victims reached a toll of 21, and the victims were mostly people of color. However, some speculate that the number might be higher because some law enforcement agencies have yet to set up criteria for identifying trans murders at hate crimes.