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Rally to support San Diego Police to be held in Balboa Park today

San Diego Police Department kept over 100,000 Pride-goers safe over the weekend.
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The recent attacks on police officers, first in Dallas and now in Baton Rouge, have caused concern over the safety of our law enforcement officials.

There will be a rally in Balboa Park at noon today. The community is encouraged to come out and support the men and women of law enforcement not only for San Diego, but across the country.

“The Mayor of Hillcrest,” Nicole Murray Ramirez reminds people that our Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman quickly took action in the department immediately after the Pulse massacre.

“I’m wearing my rainbow sash,” he said, “Everyone should bring rainbow flags or something to show their appreciation for the phenomenal job the police department did at Pride this weekend.”

San Diego officers have been applauded for their hard work at keeping the community safe over the weekend where over 100,000 people lined the streets to watch the 42nd Annual LGBT Pride Parade.

Officers on foot and bicycles, both uniformed and plain-clothed secured the area from the ground to the rooftops.

The rally in Balboa Park is not only a thank you to our local police department, but a show of support for the many other teams of police that have lost lives or have been injured in the past few weeks. 

The rally will be held at the Balboa Park fountain at noon. 

The community is encouraged to bring rainbow flags, banners and other adornments as signs of appreciation and support to the men and women of law enforcement.