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Police snipers appear to have been watchful above San Diego Pride Parade

Extra security was not only present on the ground at San Diego Pride but high above the streets as well.
Photo credit:
Justin R. Edelman

People attending The San Diego Pride Parade on Saturday may have noticed a greater police presence at the event, but there seemed to be a lot more security going on than what was at street level.

One day after the Orlando attacks on June 12, the San Diego Police Department, local business owners and Mayor Faulconer held a private round table meeting discussing their plans of action to keep the city safe.

SDGLN was at that meeting where many safety precautions were discussed including a heavier police presence both from uniformed and plainclothes officers.

However Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman did not want to disclose the full details of any added measures lest they ruin the element of covert operations.

But for those who attended the parade on Saturday, July 16, and looked skyward, it seemed one of those precautions were camouflaged men and women who appeared to be snipers overlooking the crowd that was estimated to reach over 100,000 people.

Longtime video producer and photographer Justin Edelman caught the above image using a flying video device like the one shown at left. 

He was capturing footage of the parade to commemorate the occasion for an upcoming project. 

“I used a professional drone called the DJI Iinspire,” Edelman said. “Johnathan [Hale] got permission for us to fly, I was pretty scared when I saw the security detail on the roof, I thought they might shoot the drone down.”

The hawkeyed officers quickly took notice of the flying camera and Edelman says he got a little nervous.

“When they spotted it I waved my arms in the air so they knew it was me controlling it,” he said.

As with most people who attended the Pride festivities given the recent rash of tragedies nationwide, Edelman said he felt a little better knowing they were keeping vigil in the rooftops.

“After I saw them it made me feel much safer, I was worried about this pride.”

SDGLN reached out to the San Diego Police Department, but as of this writing received no comment about the operation. 

No word yet if this skyline tactic will continue as Pride festivities, including the Unite! Music festival, are scheduled to run through Sunday evening.