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Thousands attend a sunny and colorful San Diego Pride Parade

Doused in perfect weather, the San Diego Pride parade was filled with fight over fear.

Comfortable weather brought thousands upon thousands of spectators to the streets of Hillcrest to watch the 42nd Annual LGBT Pride Parade on Saturday.

Rainbow flags, multi-colored beads and Thump Sticks were the fashion choice, some people choosing to soak up the sun and bare their skin beneath the clear blue skies.

Over two-hundred contingents comprised the procession.  

From the San Diego Sherriff’s Department to The Unified School District to The Padres, every organization truly excited to show thier advocacy to the community.

Politicians both near and far also marched through the street to show their support for San Diego.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and his wife Katherine waved to the crowd early in the line-up.

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom took selfies with onlookers and California Assembly Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins sat on the backseat of a white convertible wielding a placard in support of Todd Gloria for Assembly who followed her close behind.

Scores of people representing their cause walked inside the parade, some were dressed in bright costumes and make up, handing out swag to the onlookers who tried to get pictures with the most unique participants.

One contingent included three well-toned men dressed as neon-colored angels, complete with an impressive wingspan. Stilts kept them looming high above the audience.

Another group dressed as mermaids and mermen sat atop a float shingled in mirror film made to resemble the reflective surface of the ocean.

Rich’s Nightclub created a large rolling pink castle with buff go-go boys dancing on either side, drawing shouts and applause from the crowd.

Public safety was amped-up this year. Patrol cars and SUV's were parked along the route with officers standing guard at each intersection. 

Both foot and bicycle officers made sure the crowd was contained and kept off the middle of the street during the parade.

Finishing off the event was the traditional carrying of a huge rainbow flag through the avenues of the neighborhood, ending at the Pride festival. The lengthy banner was carried by community leaders and all who wished to participate.

This year’s Pride was especially poignant after the Pulse nightclub attack on June 12, where 49 people lost their lives to a gunman. 

"Orlando" was a common word seen throughout the celebration, people using it symbolize solidarity, love and courage.

Mother Nature shined brightly on the Parade this year, enheartening thousands of people exercising the healing powers of community resolve. 

There is still plenty to do this weekend. Kesha is headlining The Unite! Music Fesival in Balboa park on Saturday night, and Hillcrest is host to a multitutde of Pride themed parties. 

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