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San Diego 'Pokemon Go' players discover body

Searching for Pokemon on the popular app, three girls make a gruesome discovery in a remote area of San Diego.
Photo credit:
10 News San Diego

Pokemon Go has not only become a software phenomenon, it has also become a tool for finding bodies in remote areas.

Three San Diego girls say they were on the hunt for the elusive Nintendo characters at Marian Bear Memorial Park, near the 5500 block of Regents Road, on Thursday night when they happened upon a decomposing human body.

According to 10 News San Diego, the deceased appeared to be homeless and died of natural causes.

"I froze, stopped in my tracks, looked my friend and my sister in the face and said, 'I think I just found a dead body,'" said Apryl Lopez, one of the girls who made the discovery. "I looked down and I saw the legs, the bones of a dead body with no feet and no ankles and it looked like they had been chewed."

Pokemon Go has become a pop culture and dangerous phenonmenon. 

The game has been reported to be responsible for robberies, traffic accidents and carelessness due to the extended amount of time players have to look at their cellphone screens in order to play.