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Detroit man points gun at 'gay' man and threatens to shoot him

Gun toting Michigan man threatens a liquor store shopper because he thinks the man in gay.
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The Detroit Police Department is currently looking for a man who pointed a gun at a liquor store shopper solely because he thought he was gay.

In the video, since removed from Twitter, the victim is seen exiting a convenience store and then called over to the side of the gun handler’s car, where he aims the pistol at the man saying, “Take your motherf***ing pants down…”

The suspect, who goes by the Twitter handle @binswanson proudly posted the captured video to the social media site accompanied by hate filled commentary.

He described his target as “gay as hell”, and a “d**k-in-the-booty-ass n******s”.

He then proceeded to post homophobic comments in his Periscope feed saying, “I don’t give a f**k about none of that s**t y’all saying… I hate gay n****s.”

Later the supect revealed his disturbing intent inside the public forum, "...we was on Lyndon, I mean Outer Drive.  I would’ve shot at his hoe ass," he said. 

Police are still looking for both the assailant and the victim in the case. 

Sgt. Michael Woody of the Detroit Police Department said, ““To think that somebody would be so brazen that they could point the weapon in the face of an unsuspecting citizen and then post it on social media as if the Detroit police are going to stand idling by and do nothing."

Here is the NSFW video of the event.