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Surrogate in UK decides to keep the baby instead of give it to gay couple

Judge rules that UK surrogate can keep her baby.
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Tom Maddick - rossparry.co.uk

A UK gay couple was denied their newborn from a surrogate mother who decided to keep the baby after giving birth.

The child has no biological relationship to the mother.

The sperm was donated by one of the men and the egg donor lives in the United States.Two embryos were implanted.

According to The Daily Mail the surrogate miscarried one of the twins and wanted to end the pregnancy of the other until she had a change of heart and decided to complete it to term.

The report also states that she began to have doubts on giving up the baby after she was allegedly contacted by another woman on Facebook who had worked with the two men before.

The other woman said she had carried twins for the couple, but felt she wasn’t paid enough and suffered medical ailments after delivery.

The gay couple agreed to pay the new surrogate mother £9,000.

The new surrogate told the Daily Mail: "He is my little boy. I gave birth to him. I felt him kick for the first time. I’m the one now breastfeeding him. He’s happy and so loved. I’m absolutely terrified I’m going to lose him."

Under British law, the surrogate is regarded as the mother until which time she signs an agreement turing over parental rights to the men.

The report also claims that both the mother and the father have been ordered to share custody: 

“In her ruling on Thursday at the High Court Family Division, Ms Justice Russell granted the couple contact with the baby for one weekend every eight weeks. Parental responsibility is to be shared between Jennifer, her partner and the boy’s biological father.”

Justice Russell also described the men as being “manipulative and dishonest” and “at the very least, potentially exploitative," in their dealings with the surrogate.