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LGBT hate mail read aloud by Toronto Pride organizers is disturbing

Toronto Star staff members read LGBT hate mail to Pride organizers to hear what hate sounds like.
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YouTube - Toronto Star

Some people in the LGBT community face homophobia every day, hateful words and vile comments can be found in social media news feeds, public events and even face-to-face.

These words may seems less harmful in word form, but when read aloud their intentions are devastating. 

The Toronto Pride organizers say they receive vicious LGBT hate mail every day, and in an experiment to show exactly how disturbing the messages can get, they created a video in which they get employees of the Toronto Star to read some of them aloud to Pride members.

 “To my unborn child, if you are gay I will burn you alive,” reads on member.

Some of the participants surprise themselves by getting emotional, “When you’re a person who hears that stuff everyday, you become numb to it,” said Toronto Pride organizer Rachel Lauren Clark.

You can watch the video below; it contains strong language and is NSFW.