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Popular gay vlogger attacked in West Hollywood

Calum McSwiggan says he was involved in a "targeted attack" in Los Angeles.
Photo credit:
Calum McSwiggan - Facebook

Gay video blogger Calum McSwiggan is recovering in a Southern California hospital after he claims he was involved in a “targeted attack.”

The online personality said in a Facebook post that he had just attended Vidcon, a symposium dedicated to online video enthusiasts, when afterwards he, “went out to a gay club to celebrate.”

During the bar celebration, he became separated from his friends and was, “beaten up by three guys.”

McSwiggan says he felt like a second class citizen when authorities finally arrived.

He writes that he suffered three broken teeth, six stitches and was, “terrified to be a gay man in the public eye.”

In his post, he thanked his friends Riyadh KMelanie Murphy and Doug Armstrong and says that he is too distraught to talk about the attack in full, but will address it fully in the future.