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USS Nimitz Facebook photo honors Orlando, some comments show disgust

Nimitz Sailors gather on the flight deck in honor and remembrance of the loss of 49 American lives.
Photo credit:
USS Nimitz (CVN 68) - Facebook

The historic battleship The USS Nimitz paid a special tribute on deck to the innocent lives lost on June 12 at the LGBT nightclub Pulse.

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier is the Navy’s oldest and largest, having been commissioned on May 3, 1975.

On June 21, Sailors aboard the vessel gathered on the ship’s fan tail to snap a photo in honor of the 49 victims lost in the Orlando shootings with the hashtags #My68 #WeAreOrlando.

The picture was posted to the ship’s Facebook page which has now been viewed 2.1k times.

Although reaction to the photo has been primarily positive, some were not happy that the rainbow flag was in the photo instead of the American Flag.

“Ok. Honor the fact that Americans lost their lives. But you can throw those rainbow flags overboard! They have no business being on a U.S. Navy warship!” - David E. Johnson (Facebook)

“This is embarrassing. A warship is not the place for raising that flag. Honor the fallen with the American flag. This is inappropriate on so many levels.” - Reese Ford (Facebook)

Some commenters were completely outraged by the photograph.

"..this should never be in the military period!!! if you wanna do something like this, do it on your off time out of uniform!! such a disgrace to the the uniform!!!"Tommy Tylutki (Facebook)

But it was one poster, Mark Lisa once a Chief Corpsman, a former officer and a retired OE-3 who sent a message to all the people posting negativity about the photograph.   

Lisa wrote that he is, ”a very conservative middle-aged, heterosexual white guy, and served on NIMITZ for two years in the early '90's.”  

He continues:

“When it comes down to it, does a person's gender identity interfere with pulling the trigger or the "weapon release" button? No. Our jobs in the military are to put maximum ordnance on target in support of killing the enemies of the U.S. 

So get over your fears and hatred. There is no room for your narrow-minded views in the Navy. Your Predecessors in the 18th century were mostly misfits, criminals, immigrants, and otherwise a variety of people that all came together for the same cause: the United States.”

The USS Nimitz was once a San Diego landmark, her homeport was NAS North Island before moving to several other locations, eventually finding her current home at Naval Base Kitsap, in Washington State.

Still in use, the USS Nimitz isn’t scheduled to go out of commission, but some are speculating that when she does she will be replaced by a Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier.