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Father of Orlando victim allegedly refuses to claim son's body

Father of Orlando victim cannot accept his son's sexuality, refuses to claim his body.
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Within 72 hours Florida coroners identified all the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando that took 49 innocent lives.

But one fatality, whose name is being withheld out of respect for his privacy, was reportedly refused by his father because he didn’t approve of his homosexuality.

The young Puerto Rican victim was eventually claimed by other family members in the area and will have a proper burial.

Orlando Latino, the source of this article says they have confirmed with several sources that this story is true.

The publication explains that the father’s alleged behavior is primarily due to the older conservative Puerto Rican presence on the island, an attitude that can also be seen in other countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and San Salvador.

In 2014 a Pew Research study found that 33-percent of Puerto Ricans approved of same-sex marriage, 55-percent were opposed.

And it wasn’t until ten months after marriage equality was approved in the U.S., that same-sex marriage was legalized in Puerto Rico, an American territory.