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Angels stand in Orlando to fight Westboro Baptist

Angels attended the funerals of the Orlando shooting casualties, blocking out the Westboro Baptist Church.
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ORLANDO - A group, which originated on Facebook, dressed up in customized angel outfits on Saturday to block the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing the funerals of victims slain in the Pulse nightclub massacre.

The human chain, about 200 in all, formed a blockade on the main street in Orlando to hide any painted signs of hate speech while the funerals were taking place reports The Washington Post.

 The American Theatre, The Orlando Shakespeare Theatre and The Angel Action Wings Project banded together to create the oversized costumes made of linen and PVC pipe, after reading that Westboro would be in attendance at the funerals.  

The Westboro Baptist church is notorious for showing up at public events and funerals of fallen LGBT members and allies, raising signs and chanting anti-LGBT hate speech.

The wings of the costume raise high above wearer to form a curtain tall enough to hide protestors.

It is reported that many in the community came out to show their respects to the dead by wearing the outfits to combat the Westboro Church from taking away the solemnity the of the occasion.

On Sunday, June 12 a lone gunman entered Orlando’s Pulse nightclub with an assault rifle at about 2 am and opened fire killing 49 people and injuring 53 before he was fatally shot by police.

More funerals are being organized for others who fatally fell victim to the gunman's bullets.