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L.A. visitor who had arsenal in trunk, was there for an online meet-up

James Wesley Howell
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The individual in Los Angeles whose car was filled with assault weapons, ammunition and chemicals may have just been looking for an on-line hook up.

On Sunday, just hours after the news broke about the Orlando tragedy, James Wesley Howell, 21, was questioned and searched by police in Los Angeles, after a concerned citizen tipped them off because he was acting suspiciously.

The police then made the discovery of guns and other materials in his trunk.

Howell told police he was on his way to the L.A. Pride event to meet a friend. Police contacted that friend and he corroborated Howell’s story, saying they had recently met online and were going to see each other at the Pride event, but says he had no idea the amount of weaponry being kept in his car.

Police officials told TMZ they believed the individual, and have cleared him of any suspicion.

Howell still  remains in custody on $500,000 bail.

TMZ says that the Indiana man is not answering many questions about why he had such a large supply of weapons in his trunk.

According to TMZ, Howell has a criminal history with guns, having pointed one at a neighbor in Indiana after a heated debate, he is currently on probation for that crime.   

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