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Car filled with weapons, chemicals found on way to L.A. Pride

Car filled with weapons found on way to L.A. Pride.
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As Gay Pride festivities get under way in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, police have found a full arsenal of weapons inside a car, The Los Angeles Times is reporting. 

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that officers responded to a call of a prowler, and when questioned, the man said he was on his way to the gay Pride parade in West Hollywood, and waiting for a friend.

When police searched his vehicle, they found several weapon, ammunition, and tannerite, an ingredient used to create pipe bombs.

The vehicle has Indiana plates, and authorities are not aware of any connection to the deadly shooting that happened in Orlando this morning.

UPDATE: Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said the man who owned the vehicle wanted to "Harm (the) gay Pride event" in West Hollywood, Los Angeles this afternoon. 

UPDATE: The suspect's name is James Wesley Howell (pictured). In  a correction Chief Seabrooks later clarified that Howell had simply said he was going to the parade, and not to "Harm (the) gay Pride event."

This is a developing story. SDGLN will update information as it becomes more available.