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'Supergirl' actor trying to get cousin released from 'pray the gay away' Texas facility

Jeremy Jordan is on CBS's "Supergirl." He is trying to get his cousin released from a "pray the gay away" Christian establishment where she is being held.
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Jeremy Jordan is the handsome actor who plays Winn Schott in the CBS series “Supergirl.”

Recently he made a revelation about his cousin Sarah, “She is in the top 10% of her class, runs cross-country and belongs to the National Honor Society and the debate team.”

“She is also gay,” he adds.

These are quotes from Jordan on the GoFundMe page he created which is rapidly raising money to help Sarah legally get away from an East Texas Christian boarding facility in a rural part of that state.

Her parents sent her there to “pray the gay away” after she expressed to them she wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom.

In this facility, according to Jordan, Sarah must endure daily Bible scripture “therapy” to battle her “disease.”

She is not allowed visitors or phone calls, and when she tried to walk out of her own volition, staff members quickly apprehended and punished her.

Jordan continues to say that Sarah’s friends are not allowed to visit and when they try, they are threatened with arrest by the local police.

In an effort to allay any speculation that this was a hoax, Jordan updated the GoFundMe page to include answers to questions that people are frequently asking.

For instance, some have stated that if Sarah is 17-years-old, she should be considered an adult in Texas and therefore able to make decisions of her own.

Jordan responds: “Although 17-year olds are considered adults for certain purposes in Texas, state law permits parents to force their children to stay in a residential boarding facility until their 18th birthday.”

He has also posted many Tweets about freeing his cousin on his authenticated social media accounts, creating the hashtag #SaveSarah.

With court costs quickly mounting, and extended family members doing all they can to get Sarah out of the facility, he created the GoFundMe campaign to help defray rising lawyer’s fees.

Jordan says his primary goal is to get his cousin out of the facility, but in doing so also bring awareness to other kids who are being subjected to these programs.

“Sarah needs your help,” he writes. “But this is about more than just one gay kid – if we free Sarah we can help show that it’s not okay to try to make gay teens straight by sending them away and using the threat of God against them. Spread the word so being gay doesn’t mean losing freedom for Sarah.”

You can visit Jordan's GoFundMePage HERE