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Four alleged murderers of trans man in Vermont found in Ocean Beach

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Four individuals were awaiting extradition inside a San Diego jail for their involvement in an alleged murder of a transgender man in Vermont reports Fox 5 News.

Erik Averill (above left), 21, Myia Barber, 23 (above left), Jordan Nathaniel Paul, 21 (left center), and Allison Elizabeth Gee, 24 (left center) were arrested near the 5100 block of Voltaire street in Ocean Beach on Thursday, June 2.

The group is accused of beating Amos Beede (below left) at a VT. homeless camp on May 22. The victim was taken to the hospital where he suffered head trauma, facial fractures and broken ribs.

The Burlington Police reports that the victim died seven days later of, “complications from blunt force trauma to his brain.'' 

On May 30, Lt. Shawn P. Burke of the Burlington police Department announced that they were searching for two individuals in connection with the crime.

Initially it was Averill and Barber who were of interest to the police, later arrest warrants were issued for all four suspects.

Police say there was a argument between Beede and Averill at the transient camp that resulted in a physical confrontation. Police do not think that Beede’s gender identity was the reason for the beating.

 Last week as the fugitives fled across the country, Averill was arrested in New Mexico for assaulting Barber, but was released before the police department knew who he was. 

The four headed to San Diego police say because one of the suspects has a family member who lives in the area. 

Del Pazo applauded the San Diego police for their help in capturing the suspects.  

The suspects have waived their extradition rights, meaning they will return to the state where their warrants were issued.

Photos courtesy of Fox 5.