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California primary is today

California primary is held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016
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It’s time to pare down some of the choices and select the top-two runners for the November 8, general election.

Today is the day for the California primary, and if you are one of the over 17 million Californians who registered to vote before May, 23, you can head on down to your poll location to cast your vote for nominees.

Remember, in California only Republicans can vote for the Republican presidential candidates.

Democrats allow independents, or a decline-to-state voters, to cast their votes in their presidential contest.

You will also select one of the 34 candidates for the U.S. senate race, again the top two will contend with each other in November regardless of political party. 

Any mail-in ballots need to be postmarked by Tuesday, June 7.

The city of San Diego has nine propositions (A – I). Proposition 50 is the only state-wide initiative on the ballot. This initiative, if passed, would call for a 2 -3 vote in order to suspend an elected leader without pay or benefits. Currently suspended California lawmakers still draw a paycheck.

To find your polling location click HERE.