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Youngest comedian ever on America's Got Talent is from San Diego

Comedian Nathan Bockstahler is only six-years-old, the youngest ever on America's Got Talent
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Trae Patton - NBC

San Diego’s own Nathan Bockstahler is the youngest comedian ever to appear on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The six-year-old charmer from Carlsbad impressed judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel so much they enthusiastically agreed to send him on to the next round.

Nathan said to judge Simon Cowell that he would rather take one million Legos over the one million dollar prize if he should win the competition.

He might have to share the wealth because his mother just welcomed a new baby boy into the family. This, in addition to his older sister, will undoubtedly give the precocious six-year-old an abundance of new material. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News recently talked with the little guy and it’s easy to see why he might make it all the way to the end to collect those one million Legos.

SDGLN: When did you first want to become a comedian?

Nathan: I just always want to be funny and make people laugh. I really like to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and they talked about being a class clown. I told my mom I wanted to be class clown this year! So I did the school talent show and thought "hey why not be a comedian? They're funny guys"!

SDGLN: Where you nervous on stage at America's Got Talent? 

Nathan: No, I wasn't nervous. I was excited! I did my 5 minute stand up routine in front of my whole school so I knew I could do this! Boy was it fun being on a real stage!

SDGLN: Do you write your own material? 

Nathan: I write my ideas and jokes down on paper. I like to write about stuff I hear about at school or things that I do with my family.  My mom always helps me put all my ideas together and she will even type it for because I'm only 6... But I'm learning to type this summer. 

SDGLN: What do kids at school think about you being on television? 

Nathan: They think it is so cool!!! All of my friends took pictures of themselves watching me on TV and that made me feel awesome! All of the kids at my school are really nice and told me I was funny and brave.

SDGLN: Where will you put 1 million Legos? 

Nathan: I don't think they will all fit in my room? So maybe the playroom? But my mom says I'm not supposed to have the little Lego pieces around my new baby brother so maybe I can get special boxes to put them in? My little sister Grace can play with them as long as they say THREE AND UP because she is 3. 

SDGLN: What's your favorite joke? 

Nathan: I like a joke I tell about going to Target with my mom because everyone laughs at it because moms go to Target a lot! It wasn't on the show but it's really funny. 

SDGLN: Congrats on your new brother!!

Nathan: Thank you he is so cute. I love him. 

Nathan will face the judges once again in July to see if he makes it to the next round.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on NBC. Check local listings for details.