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Homophobic Aussie Uber driver is very unpleasant to his lesbian fares

Lucy Thomas (L), the CEO of an anti-bullying organization called Project Rockit.
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International LGBT publication Gay Star News is reporting that two Australian women were having a pleasant conversation with the driver of the Uber ridesharing service until they mentioned they were headed to a football game.

The driver, only known as John, said he didn’t like football because the players were, “a bunch of faggots touching each other.”

One of the women in the car was Lucy Thomas, the CEO of an anti-bullying organization called Project Rockit. She happened to capture the tail end of the conversation in an audio file (NSFW).

After his bigoted football comment, John the driver then asked the women in if they were gay. Thomas’ girlfriend replied yes.

It was then that John became uncomfortable, changing his tone and becoming increasingly aggressive.

Thomas having had enough of his bigotry asked why he felt he could call people “faggot,” “abo” (a derogatory term for Aborigines), and “spastic retard.”

“I can do anything I want. If I am prepared to suffer the consequences,” he said. To which Thomas asks if he is indeed prepared to suffer the consequences.

John’s reply: “What, are you going to give me a one [star] rating and make a complaint [to Uber], and when I write my report about two faggots who don’t like being called faggots, then what are they going to say?”

Thomas tries to lesson him about using words that hurt people, in response John asks them to either get out of his car willingly or he would drag them out.

An Uber spokesperson said the company has a zero-tolerance policy and consequently terminated their association with the driver.

“Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination, and we have been in contact with this rider to offer our support,” the spokesperson said. “Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition will lose access to the Uber platform.”

Listen to the captured NSFW exchange HERE.