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Lesbian couple cropped out of international Apple ad

Melanie and Vanessa Roy and two children were cropped out of Apple ad by the company when it was released in some countries.
Photo credit:
Apple YouTube

Apple Inc. has cropped out a lesbian couple that originally appeared in the American version of an ad campaign which celebrated mothers on Mother’s Day.  

The advertisement which was released on May 1, featured pictures of mothers taken on the company’s iPhone. In the U.S., the collage of photos and videos included married couple Melanie and Vanessa Roy and their two children.

However when the ad was released internationally in France, Germany, Turkey and Japan, the Roys were removed.

In France, the magazine Jeanne pointed out that only one of the women, Melanie, is seen kissing their newborn in their version (photo at right).

BuzzFeed says that it is not rare for Apple to edit an ad for an international release; they try to respect cultural sensibilities.

Melanie and Vanessa were not erased from the ads in Canada, Australia and Mexico.