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San Diego Gay Men's Chorus would like DJ re-hired by the Padres

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus get ready to perform the National Anthem at "Out at the Park."
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The sound technician, Art Romero (DJ Artform), responsible for gearing up the wrong soundtrack for the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) on Saturday was fired by the Padres after the snafu.

Now organizers, including Executive Director of the SDGMC Bob Lehman, want him to get his job back.

Lehman expressed to SDGLN that DJ Artform was put in the spotlight of the confusion and that may have not been fair.

The Padres require that performers submit a track of thier song to be played over the PA system and either sing into a cold microphone or lip-sync their performance. 

“Unfortunately, this guy who lost his job, whether he deserved it or not, got kinda caught in the middle,” Lehman told SDGLN, “So I’m doing my best to reach out to the Padres to get him re-hired.”

Radio personality Carl DeMaio, the first openly gay man to be elected to the San Diego City Council, is also making an effort to allow the DJ to return to work by starting a petition.

“What happened to the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus was not homophobia, it was a simple mistake by a well-intentioned DJ,” DeMaio said.  “Unfortunately, due to a public uproar that was driven by a rush-to-judgment, I believe the Padres were hasty in terminating this DJ for a simple unintentional mistake and he should be reinstated.”

Although there is still some speculation about what Lehman experienced in meetings leading up to the “Out at the Park” event, he believes that the DJ did not play the wrong file out of ill-will. 

Lehman went on DeMaio’s show for KOGO and said the music mishap “is not homophobia.” 

He also issued a statement on Facebook urging the Padres to reconsider his termination:

"We also would like to publicly accept the sincere apology of DJ ARTFORM and recognize his support for the LGBT community and equality for all people. We do not wish to see him lose his job with the San Diego Padres and kindly ask the Padres to reinstate him. Everyone deserves a second chance."

“By sponsoring this petition,” DeMaio said, “we hope to get DJ Artform his job back, but at least we can send a message that San Diegans are understanding and supportive of someone who deserves a second chance over a simple unintentional mistake.”

If you would like to sign the petition click HERE.

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As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.