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DJ producer and promoter Cavin Knight speculates on what may have happened in the Padres' control booth

Producer Cavin Knight ensures that his events are ready for anything, he speculates on what may have happened at the Padres' game.
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DJ Tristan Jaxx - Facebook (Sept. 2015)

The Padres appear to have made some amends to the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) for their technical mishap on Saturday night's LGBT "Out at the Park" event.

Due to a human error in the control booth thousands of fans expecting to hear the choir sing the National Anthem were instead subjected to a female’s voice for the entire song, leaving the formation of choir members on the field confused.

DJ Artform, the person in charge of the sound board, was terminated while others involved with that night’s production were disciplined, according to the Padres. 

"It was a very unfortunate mistake but it was just that, an error," DJ Artform said in his apology, 

SDGLN wanted to understand how such a mishap could happen and how a sound board actually works.

We reached out to San Diego DJ promoter and producer Cavin Knight (pictured above left) for information. Knight is used to making sure everything runs smoothly at a music event.

He is the founding partner and owner of Unite! Music Festival for San Diego Pride, and produces both Flaunt and Overdrive, two of San Diego’s most popular gay nightlife and DJ-driven dance parties.

Knight is also engaged to local DJ Tristan Jaxx, a professional DJ who uses his skills at Flaunt and Overdrive.

Knight speculates that there might not have been a proper pre-check of the equipment before going live.

“So sad,” Knight said. “Tristan said there definitely should have been a sound check prior to the event to test the recording provided by GMC [Gay Men’s Chorus] and ensure proper audio levels.”

Knight says the SDGMC should have had not one, but two copies of their recording, just in case the first one didn’t work.

“Typically, the sound file is saved on a CD and the audio person/DJ would just play the appropriate track at the right moment. But if the track didn't play, he should have the backup loaded in a second CDJ (an audio player device) so he could instantly switch the audio channel to the backup source, and play the backup,” he said.

Although not familiar with the Padres audio equipment, or how it’s set up, Knight can only speculate at what went wrong in the control booth at Saturday night's game.

“Our guess is there was no backup copy,” he said. “It's not unusual at a casual bar, events or drag performances to only have one copy but we would expect at an event that large that they would have required it.”

As for the lady’s voice that was broadcast instead, this is only reinforces Knight’s guess that the Padres DJ only had one SDGMC recording to play and the female’s rendition was the DJ's only failsafe.

"Yeah," Knight said, "that really is a rookie mistake. No excuse for that at an event of that size."

DJ Artform was terminated, but wanted the public to know that his mistake was not in malice or an act of bigotry in any way:

"I have felt the consequences of my mistake as a dream job has dissolved before my eyes which does not take away that I am extremely sorry for the horrible mistake that occurred," he said in his apology. "I have family members & friends that are a part of the LGBT community and I have always been a supporter of Equal Human Rights, so it pains me greatly to see that I am being accused of acting intentionally...I’ve let down my city, my family and everyone who had faith in me. Once again, I’m truly sorry for this entire ordeal.”

Cavin Knight Facebook photo courtesy of James Franklin

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