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'American Idol' talent Keith London is leaving San Diego for Hollywood

Keith London
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Keith London - Facebook

American Idol contestant and San Diego resident Keith London is leaving America’s Finest City to head off in the direction of stardom.

The singer has been a San Diego resident for two years, but is going to once again pursue his dreams in the glitter filled concrete streets of Los Angeles.

“Got to go where the heart of entertainment is,” London told SDGLN.

Before he leaves, he wants the people of San Diego to know how much he has appreciated their company, support and friendship by giving them a free farewell concert called “London to LA” on Thursday, May 19.

Back in 2014, London appeared on the FOX reality series “American Idol,” where he sang Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy” in front of the judges who rudely talked over his performance because he didn’t change the pronouns in the lyrics.

London did move on to the next round, however his Beyoncé  cover tune went viral and had everyone talking about the tackiness of judges Harry Connick Jr., and Jennifer Lopez.

Perhaps inspired by the success of his recent tour, the singer is looking to open up more opportunities by taking residence in the entertainment capital of the world.

He is going to miss San Diego, but says he will return often and keep in touch with those who have marked his journey with love and encouragement, “I have amazing friends here,” he said.

The “London to LA” farewell concert is on Thursday, May 19 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

It will be held at a private residence located at 2961 First Avenue, San Diego, 92103