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Short-haired non-trans female asked to leave restroom, called 'disgusting'

Aimee Toms takes to Facebook to re-tell her experience about being mistaken for trans in a ladies' room.
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Aimee Toms - Facebook

A young Connecticut woman says she was using the restroom at a Walmart location, when another woman using the same facility mistook her for trans and asked her to leave.

Aimee Toms, 22, went on her Facebook page and described the incident, saying she was confused at first thinking that the lady must have thought she worked at another Walmart and broke etiquette, but upon further thought Toms figured out that the bystander was insinuating something else.

“I thought to myself this is unbelievable," Toms says in the video. "She said 'you are not supposed to be here,' you need to leave…I said, yes I do [belong there] and then she flipped me off, and she’s like ‘you’re disgusting’ and she storms out.”

Toms goes on to say in her video that she suddenly became aware she was just at the scathing end of transphobia. She continues to try and figure out why the woman would confuse her for being transgender.

“I get that I have short hair. I was wearing a baseball cap today…The short hair, the baseball cap. I was wearing just a plain blue t-shirt; she saw me from the back. I can get why at first glance she would mistake me for someone who is transgender, but I turned around; I looked at her.”

Toms says it’s obvious she does not have a flat chest, and the woman really got her to thinking about how ridiculous the whole bathroom law legislation is becoming.

She continues to say that not long ago, when there were no bathroom laws, a man followed her into a ladies’ room and nearly sexually assaulted her.

Getting further agitated Toms makes some points about how trans people have no other desire inside a restroom other than to do their business and leave. She’s seen trans-inclusive restrooms at her community college and elsewhere, with no documented incidents of them attempting rape or assault. She thinks it is the trans people who are being victimized. 

“Do you understand how many crimes have been committed against transgender people in bathrooms?” she asks to the camera while getting agitated. “Do you know how many transgender people have been assaulted and killed because of who they are? And you honestly have the audacity to say that you’re uncomfortable using the bathroom with them? Are you f***ing kidding me?”

Toms continues her rant in awe that she was a victim of intolerance and explains the length of her hair which she believes to be the crux of the mistaken identity.

“Honestly, I can’t believe it. I was a victim of transphobia today, as a cis-gender female because of my hair. You know why my hair is so short? Because in January, I made my third donation to the Panteen’s Beautiful Lengths program…they take hair donations and they make them into wigs and they give them to cancer patients free of cost.”

Her feed has been filled with supporters and many media outlets have picked up her story. She remains grateful and appreciative to those who want to share her experience and commentary. 

“I made it public for a reason,” she tells one Facebook member.


You can head HERE to watch her video.