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Verbal subway assailant says she is not sorry for transphobic, racist remarks

Subway transphobe, bigot speaks; says she isn't sorry.
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PIX 11 News

The woman who verbally, then physically attacked a Taiwanese transgender lady on a New York subway speaks out about the incident, and she isn’t sorry.

 “I meant what I said,” she told Pix 11 News in New York.

The verbal assailant now identified as Sarah Eldridge gave an exclusive interview to the New York news station, saying, “Don’t judge me unless you know me.”

On April 28, 2016, Pearl Love, a transgender woman, was on the subway heading to work, when a highly agitated Eldridge became offended by Pearl's appearance and began to hurl racial and transphobic slurs in her direction.

Love stayed silent, but let the camera on her cellphone roll capturing the brunt of the tirade, including the point at which Eldridge gets up and knocks the camera from her hand.  

Eldridge did apologize for being loud and aggressive, but stands by her judgments.

"I meant what I said. That person offended me in a way," Eldridge told PIX. "That person was, to me, explicit. To me, too much. To me, I couldn't stand it. To me, this is not fair to me."

The outburst was so intimidating that presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton reached out to Love showing her disdain at such a hateful action.

Since the video has gone viral, Eldridge says that she has become the victim and has to contact the authorities.

"I've received death threats on Facebook, by several people, saying that they want to find me," she said. "They want to kill me and I have deactivated my Facebook at this point. I've called police."

Eldridge says she is seeking therapy, but wouldn’t apologize to Pearl if given the chance.

"I don't think it's that time yet," she said. "I need time."