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Some San Diegans paint their curbs red illegally

Illegal red curbs are abundant in San Diego.
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San Diego has its parking issues, and illegally painted red curbs only adds to the problem.

NBC News reports that many people are painting some curbs illegally in order to stop cars from obstructing their mailboxes, driveways and views.

The problem is the city has no official map of where the legal curbs should be, therefore those that are painted without the city’s permission are obscure.

One neighborhood told the news channel that unauthorized paint jobs are so prevalent that the local hardware store offers advice on which color paint to use.

In fact, when NBC called the store, the employee offered this advice: “be sure to lay the paint on thick.”

San Diego’s Senior Traffic Engineer Julio Fuentes reminds people that making adjustments to city property could result in fines.

The City’s Attorney’s office said violation of city codes could get you up to a $1,000 penalty, and possible jail time.

Fuentes is aware of the problem, but currently there isn’t an easy way to fix it with only one city employee tasked with investigating complaints.

“There is no master map, but we do have an extensive record system, and we refer to that,” He told NBC. “We have the information.”  

Further, between 2013 and 2015, there have been a total of 409 complaints, four of which NBC says are still active since receipt of the records.

Although these curbs may seem harmless to some, people will still get tickets if they park in front of them.

If you believe you have been cited for parking in front of an illegal curb you can appeal the ticket by clicking HERE.

You can also report a suspicious red zone to the Police Department HERE or by calling (619)533-3126.