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Dan Savage takes on Ann Coulter over transgender bathroom rights

Writer and activist Dan Savage
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Huffington Post

We’ve been over why so-called bathroom bills — legislation that prevents transgender people from using the bathroom corresponding with their gender identity — are totally idiotic.

But in case you forgot, here’s writer and activist Dan Savage laying the smackdown on Ann Coulter for her logic-free argument against trans rights.

Savage and Coulter appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher“ Friday night, when Coulter trotted out the tired position that trans-inclusive bathroom policies would open up the door for sexual predators.

“It’s not that transgender people are going to go and molest children,” Coulter said. “It’s that once you say men can go into women’s bathrooms — men who are out shopping with their little daughters and don’t have mommy to bring her in there. It’s not that the trans are going to molest them, it’s that a child molester now has the right to go into that bathroom.”

Savage shot her down pretty quickly, pointing out that predators don’t need to dress up as another gender in order to assault someone.

“That’s bullshit,” he responded. “A child molester doesn’t need to put on a dress to go into a bathroom. You can Google ‘sexually assaulted in a restroom’ and you get thousands of examples of cisgendered straight men.”

Coulter does have one thing right, though. Parents sometimes worry about the safety of their young children when they have to send the kids into a public restroom alone — like when a father is out with his young daughter, or a mother with her young son. But that’s not a good argument for legislating where trans people can pee — it’s an argument for implementing gender-neutral bathrooms.

Watch the whole clip below.

 (Editor's note: This post was originally published on our media partner HuffPost Queer Voices.)