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Transgender New Yorker films her verbal, then physical assault on subway

Pearl Love was verbally, then physically attacked on New York subway.
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Transgender New Yorker Pearl Love was taking the subway to work last Thursday, when an unnamed female passenger began a tirade against not only her gender identity, but her ethnicity.

“What you gonna do in the long run?” the ranting woman yells, “Do you do this on weekends or is this a everyday event for you? Like you sit up and get on the train everyday like, ‘What do people think about me and one day, you cut all your sh*t off, put your extensions back in, go to work…like who are you really under all that makeup? Where’d you come from? Are you the emperor of China?”

Instead of retaliating against the verbal assailant, Love hit record on her phone and filmed the entire rant.

Love’s Facebook page says that she is a graduate of New York State University and is a social worker for the Trans Latina Network.

One of the things she was most upset about was that nobody on the crowded train stepped into help even after the irate woman became physically aggressive.

 She posted a recount of the event on her Facebook page:

“…She attacked me inside the train. When I retreated she threw all my stuff on the floor and chased me around the train and say she is going to find a stick to hit me. It was a crowded train and everyone heard it but no one helped me. Guys acting like nothing happened. For 5 min.”

Pearl says that this type of hatred is not out of the ordinary for her, but this time was different because the assault lasted for so long, and she now has documentation, “So now you can understand what’s happening in my everyday life. That happens all the time. But it’s my first time recording it," she said. 

The video is below, course language has been censored.