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Target aisles are being verbally commandeered by the religious right

Target is getting overrun by loud, religious protesters inside the store.
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Target has become a place where the Christian Right are taking their voices to protest the chain’s recent bathroom inclusion policy.

Some YouTube videos have surfaced showing people opposed to the policy heading into their local chain and screaming their disdain and scripture to shoppers.

The Huffington Post is reporting that several instances have happened already this week, one resulting in a 911 call.

Identifying as Christians, these verbal assailants comb the aisles shouting at the top of the lungs to “repent.”

One man in the YouTube video below was allegedly at the back of a Portland store clapping loudly while yelling, “Target, this is your wake up call!”

He then goes on to voice his disapproval of “transvestites,” saying they are abominations.

A frightening turn of events happened in Bradley, Illinois, where a man was arrested at Target after police were called in on the report of an active shooter.  

Responders didn’t find a weapon, but arrested Michael Merichko (pictured in sidebar) for disorderly conduct.