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Freeway skateboarding a dangerous new Southern California trend

Skateboarders have been taking to the interstate for kicks.
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The California Highway Patrol is keeping a close watch on a dangerous new trend happening on Southern California freeways.

Skateboarders are taking to the interstate and using busy lanes of traffic to compete in a hashtag competition called #freewaychallenge.

Pro skater Nakel Smith was filmed taking the challenge on Highway 110 recently.

Police say that riders caught on the freeway as a part of the dare, will be cited.

“You don't know what the other car is going to do... or if a motorcycle is passing. They could strike you and kill you," Officer Edgar Figueroa told KTLA.

Nikel Smith was contacted by the Los Angeles news station to get a statement, but he declined to talk to them.

Instead, his manager spoke on behalf of the pro-boarder, saying Nikel does not encourage anyone to take part in the activity.