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Man follows woman into restroom just to make sure she's a woman

A man wanted to make sure the woman who went into the ladies' room was actually a woman.
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Jessica Rush

A man trying to determine if a woman entering the restroom was actually a woman stops her and questions what gender she is.

The Dallas Observer is reporting that he barged into the women’s restroom at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco, Texas on Thursday just to make sure she was peeing in the right place.

Jessica Rush (pictured in sidebar), says she is a biological female who identifies as female, “I look very much like a girl,” she said, “I’m not trying to transition or nothing like that.”

The man said Rush’s fauxhawk haircut, t-shirt and basketball shorts confused him and that’s why he followed her into the bathroom.

Rush recorded the last part of the bathroom conversation on her cellphone. 

“When I saw you enter I thought you was…” the man says in the video. 

“A boy?” Rush finishes.

“Yeah it’s kind of confusing,” he said, and continues speaking as he walks away, “You dress like a man.”

After the exchange Rush met up with the gentleman in the doctor’s office who explained that his concern was only that his mother was going to use the same facilities and he wanted to make sure she was right in doing so.  

“The point is I was helping my mom. I was confused when I saw someone entering the woman’s bathroom looking like a man,” he explained. “Each of us is a man or woman so…I wanted to make sure she was going to the right place.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Rush has been mistaken for a male. She says there have been several times she has entered the women’s bathroom and people have made a scene.

“It makes me feel super insecure,” Rush told the Observer.

After she posted the videos on Facebook, Rush said, “Welcome to my world, Do you actually think I would choose this life?”