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Stylish all-you-can-eat sushi buffet coming to Hillcrest

The H20 Sushi and Izakaya location in Northridge.
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There is a new all-you-can-eat restaurant coming into Hillcrest. It will take over the space that once belonged to D-Bar.

The Los Angeles based H20 Sushi and Izakaya is moving into the Fifth Avenue location and hopes to garner the same success as neighbors “Snooze” and “Bombay.”

The eatery tout themselves as “The Premium All-You-Can-Eat All Day Everyday” establishment, which was founded on the “most important aspect of hospitality, a sincere passion to serve.”

They hope to bring that same business model to America's Finest City. 

"We did a lot of research in the area. We went there, visited many times, and I think we’re a fit for the location," said Jinhee Le, the restaurant's marketing director.

The extensive list of menu items is of course filled with seafood offerings from a Sashimi roll to Spicy Albacore slices.

But there are other proteins available from the Yakatori bar such as Asparagus Bacon, Korean Style Beef and chicken wings.  

H20 currently has locations in Costa Mesa, and Northridge, just north of Los Angeles.

Many have wondered why that stretch of Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest sees so many restaurants come and go.

Benjamin Nicholls, Director of Hillcrest Business Association, recently told 10 News that Hillcrest is in need of more housing projects, that way people don’t have to drive to their favorite restaurants.

"We don't have that residential density that Little Italy has," he said. "We need some of these apartment buildings, we need some condo towers… so people don't have to find parking because they live here."

No expected opening date has been confirmed as of this writing.