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Ranting cashier caught on camera won't ring up lesbian or LGBT ally

A cashier refuses to serve gay people or their allies
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Melissa Langford was out shopping at her local New Orleans Family Dollar store on Friday, April 22, when she captured (NSFW) video of an employee going over the edge about gay people and refusing them service. 

As Langford, a lesbian, approached the counter to pay for her items, the cashier began a rant about not wanting to do transactions with gays or those who support them.

Langford writes on her Facebook page about the incident::

“After five or six minutes (or at least it felt like that long) of listening to her yell and preach to each customer about how 'gay people need to get 'the f*ck', they got somethin wrong in they head, *edit* that she had the right to refuse service to anyone she wants, gays are sick' etc.”

Langford says she was heartbroken and was crying internally at the time because she felt the woman had, “…hateful passion in her voice. She was so loud, so cruel, so uneducated... selfish and just outright mean...”

In the video you can see and hear the cashier ringing up one customer and say that she “is not dealing with these two,” referring to Langford, who was next in line and another person speaking out against her homophobia.

Finally Langford says she could take the verbal insults from the woman no longer and she spoke up, “excuse me, but im very very gay and you're really offending me. Think what u want but keep it to yourself," she writes.

That’s when Langford says the lady really became unglued and hurled hate speech, walking away from the register and out onto the floor to continue her rant.

“She. Flipped. Out,” Langford writes. “Went totally off. An exchange of words passed between us, and her and the guy in line ahead of me (which she denied service to as well cuz he was defending gay people).”

Langford says once the cashier realized she was being recorded, she toned down some of her judgments, but the convictions were still there.

“Im really upset,” Langford writes. “This is the worst antigay sh*t ive ever had to deal with in my 34 years.”

You can watch the NSFW (for language) video of the incident HERE.