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Hillcrest Town Council seats new board

The newly seated Hillcrest Town Council board members are Benny Cartwright, vice chair; Kath Rogers, chair; Rich Grousset, member-at-large; Mary McKenzie, secretary; David Coben, treasurer.
Photo credit:
Luke Terpstra

The new board of the Hillcrest Town Council (HTC), led by chair Kath Rogers, presided over its first meeting on Tuesday, April 12. While Rogers and the board members are slowly making some tweaks to the meeting format and structure, this meeting was fairly similar to those of past months and, as usual, was packed with great information and discussion.

All attendees were asked to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting, and were invited to share any public comment items they had at that time. The crowd was diverse, with a mix of residents, business owners and others who love the neighborhood but don’t live or work here. We saw several new faces, and want to continue to encourage anyone who cares about Hillcrest to visit us each month on the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Representatives from the offices of elected officials gave informative updates as usual, and many were sad to hear from state Sen. Marty Block’s representative Katelyn Hailey that this would be her last meeting with us as she is moving on to a nonprofit advocacy job. We will continue to see representation from Block’s office though, through another staffer who will be assigned to Hillcrest.

As we work towards having more cohesive themes at our monthly meetings, this one centered on bicycle issues, with a presentation by SANDAG on their Uptown Bikeways Project.

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