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Surveillance video surfaces of Whole Foods cake controversy

Video of pastor Brown purchasing the alleged offensive cake
Photo credit:
Whole Foods YouTube

The whole Foods cake controversy continues. Whole Foods says they will file a lawsuit against Pastor Jordan Brown for accusations he made about the company writing an anti-gay slur atop a cake he wanted customized.

Brown says he simply wanted the words “Love Wins” iced on the tiered confection, but he claims when he got to his vehicle and looked at the item the word “fag” had been added to the design.

Some people across social media have questioned whether the openly gay pastor is making the whole thing up.

People claim that Austin Texas is one of the most gay-friendly areas in the country.

Others point out that the added word is not made with the same sized icing tip. Some even claim it is not the same color.

Skeptics are also questioning why Brown didn’t check the cake at the counter before he paid for it.

"I was rushing out," said Brown.  "I have ordered multiple personalized cakes there before and I've never had a problem, an issue. And so I didn't think anything of it. 'Love Wins' is an easy, simple word."

Nonetheless, he has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods who are denying his claim and also stating they will file their own:

After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney.

The Austin market also posted a selfie of the entire crew on their website along with the statement and the hashtag "LOVEWINS" 

Surveillance footage (below, top video) from above the register where Brown paid for the cake has surfaced on Whole Foods’ YouTube channel.

You can see Brown pay for the cake, but not look at it. Some are saying that they see the cashier scan a label on the top of the box, something that is not present in Brown’s video (below, bottom).

As this is a developing story, SDGLN will keep you updated as more information becomes available.