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Woman dresses as pirate, mocking trans people

A Washington woman tries to explain why trans men and women aren't really men and women.
Photo credit:
Kristi Merritt - Facebook

A woman in Washington would like to teach the people of social media that just because you dress up like someone doesn’t make you that person.   

For mother Kristi Merritt, this is supposed to be a message to trans people about using the restroom designated to their biological sex. 

Merritt wanted to bring the point home by offering a slew of different pictures on her Facebook page which depict her in different costumes. First, she dons a sombrero, “Does this make me a Mexican?” She writes.

Then a football uniform, “Does this make me Russell Wilson,” she asks. And finally a pirate costume, “Does this make me a pirate?”

The last photo is of women’s clothes laid out complete with shoes and matching handbag with the question:

“Then how can this make a man into a woman?”

This failed attempt at metaphor was quickly taken down by the Facebook team for violating their community guidelines, but not before the post gathered over 30,000 views.