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Strange billboard in London rises over the weekend

This billboard had the London LGBT community a bit confused
Photo credit:
Gay Star News

Londoners are a little confused this morning as they make their way to work.

A billboard in the U.K. capital has sprouted up asking the city to, “Imagine London without gays.”

Gay Star News in the U.K. reports that the sign seemed to have gone up without explanation over the weekend.

The LGBT news site says that the signage is commissioned by an LGBT charity group called Stonewall in Waterloo.

Sponsored posts through social media perpetuated the mysterious message by streaming other ambiguous speculations into subscriber’s news feeds:

“Imagine Madrid without gays,” “Imagine Berlin without gays,” and finally, “Imagine a world without gays.”

Responding through social media, people filled in the query with their own taglines:

“A less vibrant, less interesting & considerably less populated place.” - @Matthew_Hodson

“Selfridges wouldn’t be open for a start and the quality of cocktails in the capital would plummet.” - @R_jbullock

“It looks like a teaser for the next ’28 Days Later’ sequel…” - @WayneDavid81

At least part of the mystery has been figured out. Gay Star News spoke to the owner of the billboard who says it is not a homophobic campaign, but a teaser “that has something to do with Tel Aviv Pride.”