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Cyndi Lauper will fight anti-LGBT laws her own way

Cyndi Lauper
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Cyndi Lauper is not backing out of the Raleigh, North Carolina leg of her concert tour on June 4, reports TMZ

Whereas some musicians are bypassing anti-LGBT southern states out of protest, Lauper says she will show her objection by giving away her profits from the concert to Equality North Carolina, the organization fighting to get the anti-LGBT law HB 2 overturned.

"I think the best way I can do my part is to turn my show into an entire day to build public support to repeal HB2," Lauper told TMZ.

Her manager and agent will also donate their commissions to the cause.

Lauper didn’t really agree with Bruce Springsteen’s strategy of cancelling shows, but there is no bad blood between them.

"We all have to include ourselves in the effort to build an inclusive society, but each person should do it the best way they know how,” she said.